Guidelines to Select the Right Jewellery

The core key to any beautiful gorgeous looks is all in the hands of perfect and right jewellery. We often ruin our looks with the wrong Men’s rings selection or might even bright up a fall colour dress if we spot to wear the right jewellery. Most designers go these days by jewellery to judge you and mark you with what are you wearing and think it to be the nucleus part of any girl to look good or when dressing up, a part she should focus on as equally as one does to select her dress.

Speaking to any designer you would realise that even they think that the most important and difficult part of dressing any woman up for any occasion is choosing the correct jewellery. Dresses are always easy to fix, depending on your age, figure, occasion, custom etc, they might get you a dress designed. But the challenge comes in picking up the right jewellery. Like if you are on for an event with a emerald gown, an emerald set is what first strikes you to go with the dress, but if you have a whitish complexion or if you are too lean then an emerald set I totally a bad idea. Hence, while your dress stayed decided, you lack on the exact jewellery.

Hence choosing the right jewellery is always an art, more tricky than picking up the right dress or a handbag or maybe your shoes. To keep it classy and win win situation ever, the easiest way to face such situation is always wear something light, heavy jewellery are always a risk to carry, even your hairstyle matters when you are carrying heavy jewellery. So keep it light, like a simple pendant or may be small studs on your ears, they will always go well with your dress.

Don’t try to be a matching queen as it’s never a good idea. Pick always something in crystal or say American diamonds, even silver coat jewellery are better options. Why? Such jewellery are safe to wear, goes well with everything and looks anyday better compared to matching jewellery. Again to repeat, wear light crystal jewellery sets for example, which goes well even with a red dress, or an emerald saree, or with a pair of denim, and with a salwar kameez for a wedding that you need to attend.

Third is always trying and search for Google trends online before just wearing anything. Like if you have big dangles and you are too sure about wearing them, then just search online for pictures where you can see girls wearing dangles to know who to do your hair with it, what kind of clothes will do with it, etc. Always always try and show your jewellery first to several people before actually wearing something on the final day.

You can always buy artificial jewellery online, or even for precious jewellery, online e stores are a good option because they let you shop with a huge variety of options and each of their pair is laid on dummy to give you a brief about how would it look on you. Besides, they also give you great discounts so you get everything at a decent price.

Other quick tips for right jewellery wear is try keeping your hair tied up in a bun with heavy jewellery and doing the opposite with light jewellery, always wearing contrast jewellery if fair in complexion or vice versa, try wearing simple designs as they go well with anything, if wearing heavy jewellery, always remember to wear something of a lighter shade dress with deep necks to make your jewellery feel out. If failing to decide, chuck on jewellery, like you can just wear the earrings or say the bangles or just the neckpiece.

When you think to buy necklace online, try and get it from a website where they have a return policy, so that you can return if not liked. And most importantly, always try and show it to people to know what exactly looks good on you. It’s always about the face make you have, some look good in dangles; others do not because it just doesn’t work well for their face.

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