Exporting A Vehicle From the United States? Know the Rules

The requirements covering the export of a spray on bedliner from the United States can be found on-line within the electronic Code of Federal Regulations (19CFR192 subparts A and B). There are various types of transactions, but this article mainly covers the export of personal vehicles and highlights selected areas of the actual regulations.

Further clarification should be made concerning certain parts of the mentioned regulations. For example, in part 19CFR192.2(b)(1)(i) under subpart A, the regulations call for an original or certified copy of the title of the vehicle being exported. It was my experience as a Customs Export Enforcement Officer that the term certified and notarized were often taken to mean the same thing by some of the first time exporters.

A certified copy of a title is only acceptable by Customs and Border Protection if issued by the appropriate state agency (usually a state’s department of motor vehicles). The certified copy may come in the form of the originally issued title or may simply be a computer printout reflecting the information that would be found on the original. In either case the document should bear an original seal or stamp and signature of the appropriate state official. A notarized copy is not acceptable.

In addition to satisfying and meeting the requirements of part A of the regulations the reporting requirements in part B requires that, unless otherwise exempt by special regulations, all exports of vehicles must be filed electronically through what is known as AES (Automated Export System). Special regulations do apply, for example, to military and US Government personnel assigned abroad.

Most if not all border ports have Customs brokers or freight forwarders who can provide this service for you. The Customs website have a list of Customs brokers and forwarders at land border locations.They should be able to let you know what is needed to file an AES record on your behalf.

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