How to Make Your Own Portable Solar Generator

If you want to build your own Solar Generator For House, but don’t have too much experience with creating your own energy systems then you may want to start with a portable solar generator.

The advantage of a portable generator is that it’s much easier to build and maintain, and if you go on a lot of camping trips it can save on energy costs and make things more convenient for you.

If you do it correctly, you can spend under $200 to create your own portable solar generator – and if it is constructed properly and you use it frequently, it can pay for itself within only a few weeks.

Here are the parts you’ll need to create your own generator: first, you need the solar panel itself – this should be fairly small so you can transport it easily. Then, you also need a charge controller, battery, and inverter. I’ll explain what each of these parts does below.

The solar panel is your power source. As I wrote above, it should be fairly small – so even something with only 12 V of capacity should be enough for camping trips, assuming you only have small appliances.

The charge controller limits how much power is drawn from the battery and greatly extends its life – you don’t absolutely need it, but it will save you a lot of money in the long-run because your batteries last much longer.

The battery stores energy that is collected from your solar panel – you don’t use all that energy right away, so you need a battery to story it. Later on, when you don’t have sunlight, for example, you can draw on the energy and use it for your appliances.

Finally, the inverter converts the direct current from the solar panel into the alternating current is used in most appliances.

So how do you connect everything with this setup?

First, the solar panel should be connected to the charge controller – then this charge controller should be connected to the battery – preferably a deep cycle battery. This battery should be connected to the inverter and the inverter should be connected to the appliances that you’re using.

It’s up to you where you acquire all these parts – you could just go to your local hardware store or find someone who’s giving them away or selling them for cheap. Or, you could try to create your own solar panel – it’s not that hard if you have all the parts, but it does require some time.

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