8 Items to Put in Your First Box to Open for the Kitchen

One of the most difficult parts about moving is keeping everything as accessible as possible as you pack. Not only do you want to have all of your items, particularly for the kitchen, easy to grab, but you also want them close by as soon as you arrive at your Iget Bar. This is especially true if you plan to put some items away in self storage until you get more settled. For this reason, many families choose to pack with a designated box for the kitchen with items that are the last to be packed away and the first to be opened. Making a list of what this box should contain will help ensure that no items accidentally make it into the storage containers and pods before you realize you need them. Here are the top eight items to pack in your designated “open first” box for the kitchen. If you need to store away leftovers, you will need something to wrap them up in. By keeping plastic wrap on hand, you can easily keep food for longer.

You will also need something to eat your food on. Keep paper plates and plastic cutlery accessible so that you are not stuck eating without the essential tools. If you are a caffeine addict, waking up to a house that needs to be moved without your daily cup of Joe can be a task in and of itself. Pack this away for an energy boost whenever you need. You will want to keep your limited supplies clean. Having detergent on hand to wash them with will be important. To cook, you will need the proper supplies. Pack away a pan and spatula to quickly fry some hamburgers or stir up some veggies.

Your four legged friends will need to eat too. To make sure they eat when you eat, pack away their dishes and bags of food so that they do not go hungry. These come in handy for more than just kitchen items. Keep them together with your first open box so that you know you will have scissors on hand as you unpack other boxes. None of these kitchen items will be worthwhile without some food. Pack away a few cans of chili or vegetables to quickly make up a meal.

When you are asking about storage quotes, make sure they include information on packing supplies so that you can be sure to have everything on hand and enough boxes to designate unique ones that will be the first boxes that you open in your new home. This will make your job easier in the long run.

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