Blackjack Strategy for the Casual Player

Casual blackjack players don’t go to casinos often,Blackjack Strategy for the Casual Player Articles but when they do, they really enjoy both the atmosphere and the anticipation of winning. But they often commit two major strategy errors that make their casino experience less enjoyable and Fokus777. One is inconsistent play and the other is impatient betting.

When casual players first sit at a blackjack table, they have a pretty good understanding of basic strategy. But after a while, many will start to have doubts and change the way they play the tough hands. They also begin to hesitate more, ask the dealer what the “book” says, or ask other players what to do. Gradually, blackjack becomes a bit stressful and less enjoyable for them. Listed below are the hands that give these players the most problems:

If casual players play these difficult hands the same way each time, blackjack will be more enjoyable and profitable. They just need to make up their minds how they want to play before they sit down and stick with it…let the cards come to them.

Most casual blackjack players will play basic strategy and bet the same amount each hand (flat betting). Even if played perfectly, the house still has a slight edge. So, unless they have an unusually long winning streak, they probably won’t make much of a profit during their stay. But, because they are normally competitive and won’t be coming back to a casino anytime soon, they tend to get impatient and increase their bets recklessly. This generally leads to big losses.

In summary, casual blackjack players should relax and enjoy themselves, execute basic strategy consistently, and flat bet a comfortable amount. They should increase their bet only if they have been card counting or following some other betting system. And if they happen to beat the odds during the trip, their casino experience will be even more enjoyable.

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