Channeling – Interdimensional Friendship

There is some controversy about most popular IPTV subscription for Android but from my view, it is just interdimensional friendship. Learning how to navigate relationship through the dimensions takes practice and development, much like navigating relationships in 3D. It can be challenging, but my experience is that once you figure it out, it’s a blissful breeze.

You can channel anything from your Higher Self, to deceased relatives, to angels, to guides, to plants, to crystals, to intergalactic beings, to God. It’s up to you. Direct contact with Spirit is your birthright. As a race we have mostly forgotten this, and so many of us are afraid of it. What if we talk to dark entities? What if we are taken over? What if I lose my grip on reality? Can I trust the information? I’ve heard these concerns and more, so I hope to address a few of those issues as well as lend my perspective and experience on the beauty of channeling.


My working definition is that channeling is relationship with Spirit. This can involve it speaking through you, to you, or you communicating to it. Channeling is a form of healing work, requiring that you learn how to tune your frequency to match your goal and requiring that you have integrity within the practice. It is there to assist you in your growth and the planet’s growth. Guides choose to work with you because of common goals. The guides and you align your purpose together to create more peace and balance in the world and universe. When you shift your vibration and intend that a guide talk to you, you are experienced as an antenna of light, requesting clearer communication. So, if you want to talk to high level guides, (which is probably a good idea) you will practice raising your vibration by powerful meditative techniques, like chakra or merkaba spinning, heart meditations, playing music or singing, or dancing with joy; anything where you can quickly enter into an altered state.

If you don’t know how to tune your frequency you could start channeling lower astral energies, deceased people, or lower level guides, who while may not be “evil” may not exactly be what you are looking for. However, if you become adept at channeling, it can be useful to talk with lower level energies to find out what they want so you can ask them to leave or help them evolve, you become their guide. You can also begin to recognize who is well intentioned and evolved and who is not. If you don’t practice, you will never learn the discernment necessary to traverse the worlds. Through practice, you will begin to understand how you operate at a higher vibrating level, and that higher vibrating you becomes integrated into your physical being. Your Higher Self becomes more of you, calling the shots. You walk in effortless alignment with your highest wisdom. Let me tell you, when your 3D reality is not in line with your Higher Self, but you are on the spiritual path, havoc can be created in order for you to learn lessons and get you on track. The more you are communicating as one with your Higher Self, the less trauma you are in for.

One thing I have learned over the years is that everyone can channel. I teach workshops regularly and no one has walked out not being able to do it. But, you must learn the way in which you communicate. Some people receive images and visual stories, some feelings, art or music, and some words. Some do a combination. Over time you can learn how to receive all ways. Your guides are working with you during your most creative moments, sending thought or feeling impulses to you to inspire you and push you to the next level. One of the most joyful experiences for me is watching my students receive this connection for the first time

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