Finding Doctor In A New City: Offline and Online

If you move to a new city or state, it is often takes a bit of effort to find a good doctorstipsonline for the needs of you and your family. If you have used a realtor when you bought or leased your new home, maybe the realtor would be able to recommend a doctor for you. You could also ask a neighbor or someone you meet at your new job. Another way would be to look through the local phone book or simply search the internet. Certainly the internet will give you a list of doctors and pinpoint their locations on a map which can be very helpful.

The following tips will hopefully help you find a doctor more easily when you move to a new city:

1. Many people forget this obvious one. Your health insurance company will usually have a network of doctors and they will make this available to their customers, so give them a call. Some insurance plans have a list of preferred physicians with special rates. You may end up with a large list and obviously some things that put these doctors on their list have to do with tables which weigh the cost, time and care that the doctor provides. This may not be all you are looking for in a doctor! Still you could check out the doctors that are highly ranked by the insurance company online to see if there is a doctor that you might be comfortable with.

2. Patient Recommendation. While this sounds a good idea, where will you find doctor’s patients? Well today most doctors have website, and often they have a page that is dedicated to reviews by their patients. Even if they don’t have a website, you can find doctor’s reviews on many directory sites. This is often a really great way to get a feel for the doctor. Also there are general medical websites that actually let patients post reviews about their doctor. Some of these websites actually have very large databases of doctors. You might have to do some searching but in the end it might be worth it.

3. Try and Try again. However you find a doctor, you will only know if he is a good fit for you if you go and see him. So making that first appointment is just a first step. You can check out what his offices look like, what services he offers and how efficient the receptionist and other employees are and also how long the wait time is before you get to see the doctor.

When you get to see the doctor, you could time how long he actually talked to you and if you were satisfied with his services and what he suggested. If you come out of the doctor’s office and you are not convinced he would make a good choice for you, then you have to make an appointment with the next doctor on your list. Leaving a review is worthwhile, because it will help other patients make the choice, and (in case of negative reviews) – it may inspire the doctor make some changes in his/her practice.

Finding a doctor when relocating to a new city is often a challenge but in the end, using some of the above tips, you will be able to find a doctor that you are satisfied with.

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