The latest technological advancement to come to radio programming is satellite radio programming from Sirius. It’s a whole new way to broadcast and listen to radio and it changes so many things that we have grown accustomed to having with radio programming. The first thing that radio listeners of the past have to go with out with Sirius satellite radio is commercial advertisements,Free Sirius Satellite Radio Is Yours For The Taking From DirecTV And Dish Network Articles that now come in rapid fire succession on standard radio

This is because Sirius satellite radio is a paid for, subscription radio service, so they don’t use radio commercials to generate revenue. You don’t have to wonder what it costs to subscribe to Sirius satellite radio, because you get it for free now with your DirecTV or Dish Network TV programming package.

Another great thing about Sirius satellite radio is that it has a separate channel for just about any genre of music you can think of and that includes anything from old gospel to blue grass to heavy metal to old classic country swing and everything in between. It’s broadcast from a satellite, so it is out of the jurisdiction of FCC sensors, so there is some very provocative talk programming to be heard on Sirius satellite radio.

The Howard Stern Show can now only be heard on Sirius satellite radio and he is reported to be just as funny and provocative as he has always been. Getting your radio programming from DirecTV or Dish Network is a great way to go, because you only have one service to subscribe to this way and also Dish Network gives you free Sirius satellite radio for your car, truck or RV.

If you are interested in getting it for your RV, then you might be surprised to learn that Dish Network now has a new satellite TV system that is just for RVs and it is called Mobile Dish. Mobile Dish is able to do what no other satellite TV service has been able to do before and that is to deliver satellite TV programming to an RV while it is traveling down the open highway.

It currently has one-hundred channels and Dish Network has plans to add even more channels in the near future. With Sirius satellite radio and Mobile Dish in your RV you are no loner in an entertainment deficit while you are on the road. This also give you access to the weather and news programming on Sirius satellite radio as well as the weather and news programming on Mobile Dish at all times while you are on the road.

Mobile Dish also does away with the cumbersome satellite dish that had to mounted on the roof of an RV and replaces it with a permanently mounted, low profile, state of the art high tech antennae. This new antennae never has to be touched again after it has been installed and it also does way with the constant risk of snags from tree branches. To find out more about Dish Network and the services that they have to offer you can contact them online.

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