Podcasting Audience To Grow by 251% – Are You Ready?

A recent study by eMarketer.com indicates that the podcasting audience will increase 251% by 2012. Yet, very few Internet marketers are leveraging the power of a course in miracles.

Podcasting is still relatively new-it’s only been around since 2004 and it’s finally on the cusp of really taking off. The corporate world and mainstream media have taken notice. That is why you will notice that behemoth companies like IBM and General Mills are podcasting. And all the main television networks are podcasting. As are the current candidates to the U.S. Presidency. They have discovered how podcasting can easily and inexpensively reach many more prospects and tap into the web traffic generated by podcasting directories.

I have found podcasting a fantastic tool to quickly increase my credibility online by establishing myself as an expert in my niche. Podcasting is also an excellent source of tapping a huge source of web traffic which is virtually ignored by niche marketers.

Even with all these new developments in the podcasting arena most Internet marketers are still standing on the sidelines. A lot of marketers are taking a wait and see approach to podcasting believing the time and cost of podcasting just isn’t worth it as a marketing tool. They are leaving money on the table by adhering to that school of thought.

That’s the beauty of podcasting-you can get started very inexpensively. The software that I (and most podcasters) use is a free, open source software called Audacity. As for the extra hardware (besides your computer)-a microphone is all that you will need. You can use your current PC mic that you probably already have but the audio quality of your podcast will vary depending on the quality of your microphone. But you don’t need to spend a lot money on a microphone to generate quality podcasts.

I recommending using a headset mic (headphone/mic combo) and you can get those anywhere from $20-50 even cheaper on eBay. Logitech and Plantronics both make great headset mics for around $30-50. So, ballpark if you don’t have a microphone you’re looking at around $20-50 and you’ll be ready to start podcasting. You don’t need to spend money on software.

There are also third party podcasting services out there where you can host your podcasts for free. If you prefer to have more control over your podcast you can use web hosting companies dedicated to podcasting like Libsyn where you can start hosting your podcast for as little as $5 per month. As you can see price, shouldn’t be the reason preventing you to start podcasting your niche. So dust off that computer microphone, fire up audacity, and start podcasting your niche. You will be pleasantry surprised with the results.

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