The Right Motorcycle Tire Involves The Right Tread Style, Tire Bias And Tire Materials

Which is 3 wheel motorcycle for sale the right engine or getting the best motorcycle tire – that question may be a difficult to answer or an impossible decision to make for some.

Both items are required to have to peak operation and safety. You want the superior acceleration and the best handling. Both of these items are necessary to achieving the quality of ride you desire from your motorcycle. Choosing the right motorcycle tire is no exception since it is just as important for the reasons mentioned above and many other reasons.

The motorcycle tire tires you pick must be matched to your bike, simply getting the right size is not the only concern. Items such as tread style, tire bias, tire materials and other common characteristics should all be designed with the riding type – and therefore the bike category – in mind in order to get the optimum tire.

Unlike most car tires, your motorcycle tires need to be different for the front and the rear of the bike. Each motorcycle tire is has been designed with the specific location in mind on the bike and each tire has differing engineered goals to accomplish. Power – acceleration is provided predominantly by the rear tire, and the front tire supplies more of the braking power than is required by the rear tire – this could be up to an 80% difference in requirements for motorcycle tire braking.

Obviously the front motorcycle tire turns left and right to accommodate direction desired, while the back motorcycle tire is subject only to the lean of the bike, and that too must be taken into consideration in design and choices of motorcycle tires. Since the back tire carries the bulk of the weight, this will alter the design requirements and specification requirements.

Motorcycle Racing Tires

We now venture into a unique class of motorcycle tires – Racing tires. Having their favorite tires, professionals want exceptional contact with the surface at extreme leaning angles, this is invariably an essential quality desired. Cornering at tight angles, extreme acceleration from a standing position or coming out of a turn, and prolonged stress at maximum speeds all induce the need for special engineering for motorcycle racing tires.

Many hours of extreme and constant abuse on the motorcycle race track as well as the requirement to be nearly puncture proof under off-road conditions make these special motorcycle tires indispensable. Having to be able to meet expectations immediately upon installation these motorcycle tires seldom get the standard recommended 100-mile run-in period before they land on the track.

Sport Motorcycle Tires

Referred to as sport bias motorcycle tires, these usually have a radial-style tread patterns that give it a larger tire “footprint”, (contact with the road surface). Sport bikes are usually made to be run hard on the road, and maybe even do some off-road duty. Proper adherence to the surface contact with the ground and excellent cornering are required for this style of road bike. Having to perform in various weather environments is an issue of concern too.

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