Timeshare Upgrade: A solution or just another waste of money?

Unhappy clients often go back to the resort to complain Recover stolen crypto about their timeshare contracts. When they get there, instead of dealing with a member services department, they are often referred back to the sales department where they will be forced to attend another sales presentation. The salesmen then make several types of claims to get the consumer to timeshare upgrade in order to try to resolve their initial problem.Timeshare upgrade: another waste of money

If you have been scammed by a timeshare company once, do not invest more money with the same company to try to fix the problem. The following are some of the common timeshare scams associated with timeshare upgrade.

In order to ensure a high volumes of sales, many timeshare scam companies show incredibly beautiful rooms to the potential clients to induce them into purchasing a luxury timeshare contract. When the client actually visits the resort, they are placed in a room of a far lower quality. We have heard from many clients that they thought they were purchasing a larger unit, for example, a one or two bedroom unit, but when they visited the hotel, they were given a standard room.

Other complaints were that they were shown a brand new suite in perfect condition, but when they arrived, they were given a unit in an older building, with mold or humidity problems. This is not acceptable when the client has purchased an agreement based on the unit that they saw during the sales presentation.

A normal first step for victims of timeshare scam is to contact the resort to try to complain about the membership or cancel the agreement. Some clients do this in person while they are visiting the resort and have realized that what they purchased was not what they were promised.

A common response is for the new salesperson to apologize for the error of the previous salesman, and to offer a timeshare upgrade to their timeshare so that they can reserve the higher quality room. This comes at another cost to the consumer, and often does not resolve the problem as many resorts build special suites just for the sales presentations that do not correspond to the quality of their regular rooms.

Another timeshare scam, with regards to timeshare upgrade, comes with the rental scams. Many timeshare purchasers are promised that they can easily rent their timeshare weeks through an affiliated rental agency. After some time, the vast majority of the clients are not able to rent any of their weeks and are also out more money for the listing fee to the rental agency.

When the client complains to the resort, they sometimes claim that guaranteed rentals are not offered with their level of timeshare contract, but if they upgrade to a superior membership, then the rental of their weeks is guaranteed. This is another timeshare scam that can often lead to the loss of several thousand dollars more for the client in the purchase of the upgrade, and another listing fee to the rental agents.

Some clients choose to upgrade to a better unit, a more desirable week, or a larger number of weeks per year. The salesman has them sign an upgraded contract, which has no mention of the previous timeshare that they had with the same resort. In essence, the salesman is selling the client a new timeshare contract that does not supersede the previous timeshare contract.

The client believes they are purchasing an upgrade, but they are actually purchasing a completely separate contract, and are now responsible for two maintenance fees to the resort. They may also end up with double the time, when they do not need that many vacation weeks.

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