Why Your MLM Support System Gives You A 90% Chance Of Being A Failure!

One of the biggest reasons why I see network marketers drop like flies is because of the support system. Yes you heard that 快手充值,Why Your MLM Support System Gives You A 90% Chance Of Being A Failure! Articles your support system TRULY stinks! But I am not telling you to get you mad, but help you realize that by “plugging into the system” with blind faith is a huge mistake.

Sure you may feel a temporary high after listening to your big time upline repeat these lines. But have you actually taken into consideration if it has actually helped you become richer and more successful? Probably not. See if you can relate:

Upline: You can do it winner! You: Yeah, yeah I heard that a billion times

Upline: Staying excited and enthusiastic is the secret. Do you know what enthusiastic means? It means the God within YOU man! You: I stayed enthusiastic for the whole year, have no results to show for it. And people, especially my family, think I’m some sort of a happy cult fanatic with no money.

Upline: Ain’t it great! You: Uhh..yeah I guess.

Upline: He who shows the most opportunity plans wins! You: I showed it to COUNTLESS random people I met down the street, and all I have to show for it is a lighter wallet wasting my gas driving down to Starbucks and being stressed out trying to force them into my business!

Blah blah blah! Motivation is good. We all need it to recharge once in a while, but to be honest with you it’s a bunch of B.S. if that’s the ONLY thing you rely on.

It doesn’t matter how good your product is…whether it’s protein bars, vitamins, or legal services. If you approach uninterested people about it, you are wasting a LOT of your time. And usually with enough no’s for a long enough time, your motivation will disappear fast.

I heard it over and over again, “We got the BEST products in the market.” Well, if nobody has a want or need for it, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best. One thing sorely lacking in most support systems is that they do not give real advice and content for their distributors that can actually be used to recruit more people and make more money.

Your business is network marketing, yet the only kind of marketing taught to you is face to face prospecting. What happened to internet marketing, direct response marketing, advertisements, etc.?

You can still definitely build and cultivate relationships with those less non-threatening approaches if you knew how to do it. Unfortunately your upline never taught you how to do it because they themselves are still living in the Stone Age when it comes to marketing.

What I suggest is that you listen to your support system’s motivation when you need to recharge emotionally, but in the meantime I suggest that you find superior ways to market your opportunity and expose it to more people if you haven’t already.

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