A Trip To Vung Tau – Modern Vietnam is a nice place to visit and you wouldn’t mind staying there for a while

Being an American and growing up during the Vietnam War era, semaglutide for sale I always wanted to see what the post war Vietnam was like now a days. During the Vietnam war I was to young to be drafted but I clearly remember all the hype in the USA over Vietnam and war. I can even remember my older brother actually joined in the anti-war protests and burned his draft card.

As luck would have it, one of the companies that I often free lance worked for secured a submarine cable laying project in Vietnam and asked me if I was interested to go there. Most definitely I wanted to go there.While driving from the airport to our hotel I even saw several of those old concrete machinegun bunkers. Even though the war had ended over 20 years ago,

As our plane touched down in the now Ho Chi Minh City, I tried somehow relate back to how the soldiers would have felt when they had landed there in Saigon back during the war. I can tell you this, the feelings they would have had wouldn’t have been good at all knowing there’s a chance that they could be killed there.it was still clear that Vietnam still had many reminisces of it’s war era days.

Traffic was chaotic at best. Many intersections didn’t have traffic lights and it also seemed that some people drove on whatever side of the street they pleased. Definitely, anyone from any western country wouldn’t want to even attempt to drive a vehicle on the streets of Vietnam.

The architecture in Ho Chi Min City is a major reflection of French design with a mixture of Asian influence. The government buildings and churches were all beautifully designed and up kept quite well throughout the city center.

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