Book Selling Success at Craft Shows

Your website is the obvious place to use your book video trailer. Place it on your home page at least during the initial first six months to a year when your acim and the video are new. Make sure it is large enough on the website for people to watch, and make sure it only starts to play if people choose to play it. Nothing is more annoying than audio or video that automatically and unexpectedly starts playing and startles the viewer.

Don’t stop at the homepage of the website, however. People who do Google searches may land on a different page of your website first. Make sure you put the book video on the page devoted to selling/buying your book, especially if you have more than one book and different pages for each book. If you have done a lot of radio or TV interviews, you might want to create a “multimedia” page on your website and include the video there as well. Placing the video on your website in three different places isn’t overkill at all-if people have already watched it, they’ll skip over it on other pages, and if not, you have more possibilities they will see it, and it will entice them to purchase your book.

YouTube: YouTube is definitely the video website. Your video may well get more attention there than even on your own website. You will want to make sure the video includes your website address so anyone who sees it will then be able to go to your website to find it. Ask that the creator of your video place it on YouTube. The video will then have a code people can copy so they can promote the video on their own websites-you never know who might like it and want to share it with his own website visitors. (You might even choose to use the embedded code to place it on your website as the easiest way to make it work there.) YouTube also keeps a count of views so you can check to see what kind of attention the video is getting, as well as whether anyone chooses to “like” or “dislike” it or leave comments.

Ask your friends to go to YouTube to view the video and write comments about it. That way, other viewers will be more inclined to think well of it and it will look more popular. Make sure you tag the video so it is relevant to other videos. For example, if you’ve written a history book, tag it to other videos about the same area, place, or time in history, or if a romance novel, you might find other videos about love, romance, or other romance authors’ videos.

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