Tips For Bringing A New Kitten Home

Kittens how much are exotic shorthair kittens and will play for hours. Your local pet store can show you what is available but a rolled up piece of paper will work as well. Always keep an eye on any toy for strings or anything that can be swallowed. Remember they are still babies.

You can also teach him new tricks. There are many books on training, and its best to start with a young animal as they are already curious and active. And it’s a good way to channel some of that natural energy.

Encourage A Desirable Behavior And Routine

One of the most proactive things you can do for your kitten is to have him or her spayed or neutered before 6 months. This will reduce any territorial spraying, and aggressiveness in males, and, of course, help to control the cat population.

Your choice of litter is also important. Don’t buy the clumping kind when your cat is less than 6 months old, as they may inadvertently lick the clumps off their paws and create a digestive blockage.

Clean your litter box daily, as cats have a highly developed sense of hygiene. And be sure the type of litter is agreeable to them. Cats also like privacy, so a covered box may be preferable, as well as contain any fresh odors. Watch for his preference, it will become evident soon enough.

Don’t forget to brush your kitten regularly, as this is critical for his physical and emotional well-being. It’ll also give you a chance to check out for any cuts or fur clumps. In nature, cats groom each other regularly. It’s something they naturally enjoy.

Proper Nutrition

Having good quality food is also paramount to a cat’s health and demeanor. Cats can be very finicky, so you may need to try a few varieties to find their favorites. Sticking with the highest quality food will prevent many health problems later on, and ensure a beautiful, shiny coat. Give your kitten wet food regularly, twice a day at first. This will keep down the frequency of hairballs.

After the first initial series of shots, remember to keep a yearly vet appointment in order to keep the necessary shots up to date and to head off any problem areas. You will also need to verify your animals medical records if you ever need to have your kitten groomed or kenneled boarded for any length of time

Getting a new kitten can be a joy for the whole family. With plenty of love and care you can plan on enjoying a beautiful friendship for a good 14 years and with luck, even longer.

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