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This Last Days Church will have a very high percentage of prodigal sons and daughters. The gang members, the pimps, the prostitutes, the drug dealers, the christian mysticism churches, the sick, the witches, the New Age believers, and all sorts of people will flock to this church by the millions.

Singers who the world knew as very evil singers who only sang heavy metal dark songs will be converted. Today they will be recording wonderful edifying songs and they will still have all their tattoos but now will be singing worship songs in stadiums to multitudes of people who come to listen to them.

Very wicked people will be converted and now be major evangelists. They will share how they have been to heaven in visions and met Jesus and other saints and they will testify to the nine gifts of the Spirit as they will use all of them in each meeting.

But, the modern church by in large will reject these prodigals. These prodigals will flock to the Last Days church for healing and for answers and the Last Days Church will have them, heal them with God’s direction and send them out to save more people.

The older brother in the prodigal sons story, like the Jews when Christ came, will be invited to the party, but will swear that they will NEVER enter into the party of the Father and these wicked people that are involved in the last days church.

The Laodicean Church. Revelation 3: 14-22

The church in the West these days thinks it’s okay to be wealthy and have the goods of this world and not be rich toward God. They think it quite okay to store up riches on earth rather then in heaven. They says say serve Jesus and yet they serve mammon and all the lusts of the flesh. Jesus promises one day to vomit these people out of his mouth.

This has not happened yet, as the Last Days Church isn’t here in great numbers and the flock have not got much choice but attend churches that they are in. The church at the moment has millions of believers that would want to be part of this Last Days Church and would leave their current church right away if they found out that one of them had started in their suburb or city.

The Church of Philadelphia. Revelation 3:7-12

Right now there exists Last Days Churches that are headed up by a pastor who is from the church of Philadelphia. These are simple men of God who each holiness and who live holy lives.

In days to come many more men and women of God are going to be called to plant a new church under the covering of an Apostle. This Apostle will give them direction, or may even spend the time himself to plant the church.

In the Last Days Church there will be real prophets who hear from God. Today 80% of the church does not think a true prophet exists. Many people in today’s church won’t accept that there can be a modern day Apostle or prophet. Many people in the body of Christ have been taught that these two ministry offices are no longer needed in the Body of Christ.

I find it funny that they can accept in the Last Days that there can be False Prophets and yet True Prophets do not exist. I find it funny that there can be real clairvoyants and psychics that can be tremendously accurate about a persons life and future who seek them out, but true prophets that can do the same and better apparently don’t exit.

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