Gotye painting sold for $15,000 in auction (heraldsun – mafia city hack)

Hack body-painted de Backer for the Somebody how to get gold in Mafia City I Used to Know video – which has had over 200 million views on YouTube and been a global No.1, becoming part of pop culture.

Oil Portrait Painting

While the video took 23 hours to film last year, de Backer spent nine hours in body paint for the portrait Voices in the Mirror at Hack’s Adelaide studio three weeks ago.

Portrait Oil Painting

”Wally was No.1 in America when we did it and he still turned his phone off. He dedicated his time and you know that someone’s into it when they do that,” Hack said.

Oil Portrait Paintings

The money raised went to Make a Wish Australia and The Thin Green Line who support wildlife rangers from threats of death.

”It’s nice to find a more creative way to direct attention to the groups,” de Backer said.

Gotye, who is based in the Mornington Peninsula, said his six-week run at No.1 in the US was surreal.

”It went No.1 during the last week of our American tour, after we’d been touring for three months. 

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