Introduction of The Details of Father’s Promise

That day is right the first anniversary of the Olympic countdown when his child is one moon old that day. At the time he said that he had to gain the Olympic gold medal as a gift to his son after a year. He has fulfilled the promise of a father. Gold medals hanging around his neck, his face filled with a happy smile, this moment, Zou Shi Ming is the happiest person in the world. Father, this appellation is still not very familiar to Zou Shi Ming, his baby is more than one, but his accompanying beside him is very little. He said he had been suffering exercising เว็บมวยไทย for over a decade, tired over a decade, and he must stick to it, all the care to his child can only store in his heart.

He had gained twice champion, a piece of the medal has been gave to his wife, another to his child. Many years of pay by his wife and his sense of being sorry for his child are rallied in the victory. Soldiers goes back home with wealth and power, the warm relationship awaits him.

From the 2003 world famous world war champion to the London Olympics once more brilliant achievements, Zou Shi Ming boxing career owns a perfect results. After Beijing Olympic Games, standing at the peak, Zou Shi Ming felt tired. As the injury is forcing him out the influence of boxing, he and married his girlfriend who he has fallen in love for 5 years, and then had his baby son.
In 2011, Zou Shi Ming came back to the world championship, and successfully gained his world championship gold medals on the third time, which announced the regression of the king. But, he had passed the standing age, and he no longer has the advantage of physical fitness and speed.

The Olympic gold dream, perhaps in others eyes it seems logical, but he is not 100 percent sure. Wining the Olympic gold medal is not so easy, and the defending Olympic gold medal is more difficult to do. From the London Olympic Games boxing arena, Zou Shi Ming is fully aware of the this. It is lucky that the Olympic champion dream came true in the end. So many years of experience in this arena, it is the most thrilling way to let him release. Flags around Zou Shi Ming’s back and shouting, this moment, he is the king of the field.

What will he do next, Zou Shi Ming does not gave clear expression, whether to continue to insist that or steering occupation, or make other choices. However,at present he said he just want to take a breath. Three Olympics, two gold and one bronze medals, Zou Shi Ming has has done good enough. After the Olympic glorious color subsided, Zou Shi Ming will lead to new life course, he has his wife and a son, so he will not feel lonely again. As the child grows up, we do not know the father who had once dominated the boxing world will make what promises.

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