Self-Publish a Non-Fiction Book and Become a Successful Author

Self-publishing process of a successful non-fiction a course in miracles can be subdivided in 7 logical steps. I use this process in writing my books and it proved to be very useful. Also, I know many other prominent authors who follow these steps religiously while creating their books.

These 7 steps suit non-fiction books best. While fiction writing and marketing process is similar – there are some differences and you can read about them in our next article which talks about fiction writing.

But now, let’s start with the steps…

1. To write a non-fiction best-seller you must know the reasons “why” you want to write a book.

Many authors don’t even think why they want the book they just start writing anyway. But your outcome for the book depends heavily on your reasons “why”. From personal experience, I noticed that most people write books for reasons like:

-leaving a legacy
-increasing credibility and authority in a certain area
-stand out from the competition.
-promote a cause or something they believe in
-make money by creating an income stream.
-create a business around it.
So, before you set out on your exciting adventure of book writing, think seriously why you need a book.

2. You must choose a great topic with a huge crowd of followers.

This one is simple to understand. Even if you write the best book in the world but there are only a few people who are interested in the topic – then you will never have a best-seller. You may sell one or two books to your friends and that will be it.

Therefore, before you start, check out who you are going to sell the book to and how many people in the world will be interested in buying it.

3. Write the book yourself or get it written for you.

If you want the book for credibility or for other business purposes you can outsource the writing bit of the process. There are many ghost-writers out there who are happy to write a book for a fee. In fact, many books you see in shops nowadays are written by ghost writers. But if you decide to do it yourself then, you should consider these elements:

– write a grabbing and concise title and subtitle
-research on the topic and find out what people want to know about, so you can make the book interesting for the reader.
– outline the chapter’ name in logical sequence
– write the content chapter by chapter
– write a table of content, glossary, index, forward etc.
– proofread and edit (it is better be done by someone professional rather than yourself).

4. Make the covers of your book and decide on other graphics, photos or pictures.

The front cover is one of the most important selling points for your book. Spend as much time as you need to create a unique front cover. It should include the title and subtitle, author’s name and relevant graphics.

The back cover is the second most important part of your book. It should include: a blurb, testimonials, barcode and ISBN.

Remember!!! The front cover should give the buyer the first impression of your book. You only have 4 seconds to do this. If in that time if your reader is not attracted to your book he will put it back on the shelf and continue browsing other books.

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